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    That time I ran the Shamrock Half Marathon, Cried & Set a PR

    I spent the last four minutes of the Shamrock Half Marathon telling myself not to cry. I’d done the math. I knew I’d made it, knew I was about to set a new personal record and so, when we turned right at the Atlantic Ocean, hit the boardwalk and pushed toward the finish line, my chest tightened, my eyes watered and I felt a lot of things. “Not yet,” I said to my tears. “Breathe first, run fast, cry later.”

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    That Time I Fell Over & Smashed Myself While Running

    I’m clumsy. I trip over everything, even things that aren’t there. My toes are often stubbed. My ankles are weak and have the tendency to roll in a way that looks (but mostly isn’t) painful. I whack my head on things a lot, too. On my kitchen cabinets, on my car door, on my dining table. The last time I went to New York with some lady friends, my dog gave me a black eye right before I left home. Incidentally, that was not the first black eye I got from one my dogs. I run 3-5 times a week, all without falling over. And it’s not like I’m new to…