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    Yellowstone, Part III: Where the Wild Things Are

    Driving toward Hayden Valley, legendary land of Yellowstone’s wildlife, I decided to temper my hope. I would, I thought, release my expectations. I wanted to see critters. That’s why I was awake before the sun, why I was already on the road by six something, but I knew better than to hope. Mercury was in retrograde. It had been a…

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    21 Things I Didn’t Hate In 2021

    Just when we thought 2021 was done lighting dumpster fires, raining COVID and murdering joy, it took Betty White from us. Here’s what I didn’t hate about this shit storm of a year: RUNNING RACES. I did a handful of virtual running challenges in 2020, and while they definitely helped me survive the chaos of that year, nothing beats the…

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    The short

    I had to say goodbye to Sadie, Wolf of my Heart, on June 5th.  It has been weeks and weeks, and almost months, and I am still heartsick and aching.