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Five Friday Favorites: Budgeting, a Bold Lip, a Book & Some Shows

Last week was the week I almost cried at work, you guys. It was not great, not even a little bit, plus it’s the holiday season and you know how I feel about that. This week was better, a little less chaotic, a little less daunting, but damn if I’m not really looking forward to a little escape into the woods next week. 

Here’s a few things that have kept me from hating absolutely everything the last few weeks.


Ok, so I didn’t really need a budget because I’ve been using Mint for a bunch of years, but the Billfold offered a two-month free trial to YNAB and I was curious enough to try it and now, a month later, I’m obsessed. I check my budget every single morning and I’ve learned that I’m the kind of weirdo who really enjoys budgeting. I like watching my net worth increase. I like transferring money into my savings and investment accounts and I’ve even come to enjoy winning the arguments I have with myself about spending $9 on a bottle of nail polish I can only wear on my foot claws. 


I’ve read 62 books this year and this was one of the best. It’s the story of Pival Sengupta, a wealthy widow who spent her entire life in Kolkota before booking a trip to explore the United States with the First Class India USA Destination Vacation Tour Company. She arrives in New York and travels across the country with her tour guide, Ronnie Munshi, and a companion, Rebecca Elliot. The trip is an introduction to America for all three of the travelers. 

This book has depth without having the sort of heaviness that drags you into an abyss of sadness. The characters are unique, well-developed and I rooted for each and every one of them as they journeyed across the country, each seeing and experiencing the sights from their own unique point of view. 


Hello, my name is Terra and I am almost always late to the Parade of Good Things People Like A Lot. I just got on the Riverdale train and now it’s all I want to watch. It’s like Pretty Little Liars meets Dawson’s Creek and I’m sorry I didn’t listen when the entire internet told me to watch it, but damn if I’m not glad I’ve got a stockpile of seasons to binge now. 


I’ve never been good at lipstick (or makeup), but my friend Maxie made me try this stuff on last winter and it’s true what they say about it, it is the perfect universal red. I feel like a rock star when I wear it, like I could kick our ass and walk a runway and it’s just so good


This show first aired in 2015 and I’m mad the internet didn’t tell me about it sooner. Doesn’t the internet know I love Best in Show and Eugene Levy? It’s just so funny and good, especially in later seasons. 

What’s been good for you this week? 


  • Stephany

    I’ve been toying with the idea of using Mint as a way to track my spending in 2019. I’ve loosely followed a budget for the past few years, but since I’m doing it on my own with a spreadsheet, it’s easy to just let my budget fall to the wayside and “forget” to check my bank account. I have some money goals for the new year, but I definitely won’t achieve them if I keep budgeting like that.

    I have heard such good things about both Riverdale and Schitt’s Creek! They’re on my TBW (to be watched) list for sure. I just started watching Cheers on Netflix for reasons I can’t explain, ha, and it’s so good!

    • Terra

      Mint is great! I still love it even though I’m a YNAB convert now and it definitely helped me understand where my money was going and how I was spending. I’m still a work in progress on the financial accountability front, but I’m definitely getting better.

  • Kristin

    I keep meaning to try Mint or another budgeting app but I can’t make myself leave the massive spreadsheet I’ve been using the last ten years to manage our household budget. I like my spreadsheets. I’m a terminal nerd.

    I’m even way more behind on the Riverdale train. It’s on my want-to-watch list. Does that count? Glad to hear another good review on it.

    • Terra

      I’m always very impressed with folks who have their own spreadsheet system going. I’ve just outsourced it all to Mint and now YNAB and I think it worked for me because it was easy and I could be lazy and it would do all the work for me. 🙂

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