Five Friday Favorites: Puzzles, Witches & Dog Joy

What the hell happened to 2018, y’all? I’m feeling woefully unprepared for the colder temperatures, the holiday season and the end of another year, but here’s a few delights that have helped downgrade my grump level.


I know I’m living in the future because I don’t have to go looking for neat shit to buy on the internet anymore, it just presents itself to me on my Instagram feed

For example, take Barry the Blowfish. 

There I was, minding my own business, scrolling through my internets and then there was a Barry, a perfectly ridiculous plush, squeaky dog toy that, once destroyed and skinned by destructive doggos, morphs into a squeaky ball and, better yet, I don’t have to walk around picking up bits of stuffing from murdered dog toys. 


I was hooked on this shit from the beginning, before the show even started. All it took was the trailer and a vague, super spooky semblance of a show I absolutely adored and I was hooked

It is not the Sabrina of our youth, not even a little bit, although the characters are familiar. This version is creepier, spookier and just generally darker and I devoured all 10 episodes within days of their release on Netflix. 


Putting together a puzzle is a meditative exercise for me. It’s also an obsessive one and if I have a puzzle going on my dining table it’s very, very, very hard for me to walk past it without trying to fit in one piece. Or two. Or 10. 

I bought my first Charley Harper puzzle when I was exploring Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in West Virginia.

It’s not only that the puzzles are beautiful, that Charley Harper’s artwork and interpretation of places like Glacier Bay and the Sierra Ridge is magical, it’s also that the puzzles are really high quality, with pieces that are sturdy and tricky. 

I’m obsessed. 


If I had to tell you the best $100 I spent this year, it would be on this mattress topper. My mattress, a Casper, is fine. I had it about six months before I realized my back hurt every morning, that the pain went away when I slept someplace else, and that I was sleeping on my stomach almost always.

So I bought this mattress topper, after much internet research and review reading. It’s got more than 5,000 reviews and is rated at 4.5 stars and I figured, fuck it, let’s see what happens. 

A few months later, my back doesn’t hurt anymore and I find myself sleeping on my side more often. It’s just so fluffy and comfortable and I feel like my bed is the delightful, cozy nest I’ve always wanted. 

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  1. I really enjoyed Sabrina as well! I love that this one follows the comic — or so I’m told! I’ve had my eye on the series for a while, but never picked up the books. Changing that soon!
    Also I LOVE Charley Harper. I’ve been debating getting a tattoo done in his style.

  2. With all the recommendations I’ve seen for Sabrina, I’m watching! Gotta binge on all the scary stuff while it’s all just colors and light to my little nugget.

  3. I love puzzles. I don’t make time nearly often enough, but thank you for sharing the Charlie Harper line… I might have to get one of those!

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