Friday Favorites: Philadelphia, eating all the BLTs & diverse reads

Friday Favorites ||

I feel like I’ve been having a lot of fun lately. The later summer and fall is also packed full of things to look forward to. Work trips, a few West Coast adventures with all of my favorite lady friends, and, hopefully, a half marathon or two now that I’m mostly back to my running self. Here are a few of this week’s most favorite things.


I spent the weekend in Philadelphia visiting my friend, Tara, and a grand total of FOUR national park sites. I’d visited her before, always with a group of friends, and Philly is always, always a great time, but after perusing the National Park Service map of park units and talking to Tara the last time we were together, I realized I needed to get myself on a Philly-centric National Park Adventure. It was exactly the sort of escape I needed, Tara is an A+, top-notch tour guide and I never get tired of the two of us introducing ourselves together.


I bought these sandals at the end of summer last year because I wanted a stylish sandal that still had some support and OMG, I love these shoes so much. They’re sold out, they are so good. I wore them all day on Saturday, walking actual miles with Tara around Philly and my feet didn’t complain once. Fingers crossed they’re not gone forever.

Friday Favorites ||

3. MyFitnessPal

Years ago, back when I first started giving a shit about my personal fitness, I used MyFitnessPal to track calories and drop a few extra pounds. I eventually stopped tracking my food and stopped weighing myself and started focusing on how I felt instead of what the scale said, but every so often it’s helpful for me to do a check-in and track my food for a week or a month, just to make sure I’m still making smart choices. So I’m doing that and I really do love MyFitnessPal. It’s easy to use and I get a little obsessive about plotting and tracking all my calories.

Friday Favorites ||


Hanover tomatoes are a thing around Richmond. They are so good and so perfect and there’s even a festival dedicated to them and while I didn’t get to go this year, some friends still got me a giant pile of tomatoes and for a while, I was on a tomato-eating rampage. I’ll probably finish out my tomato stash in the next day or two with one more BLT, but damn if I don’t love this time of year and those tomatoes.


I’d read 10 books in 2018 before I realized they were all by women and then I was like, ok, maybe I’ll do this for a quarter, but now it’s July, I’ve read 42 books and each and every one of them was written by a woman. Stephany inspired me to diversify my reading portfolio, so I’ve made a conscious effort to read books not just by women of color, but also by women from backgrounds that are different from my own. So far, it’s been great. I’ve read some truly incredible books this year, most recently The Girl Who Smiled Beads by Clemantine Wamariya, about the violence in Rawanda and Wamariya’s attempts to escape it, attempts that eventually led her to the United States. It’s a heartbreaking read, of course, put important and powerful.

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Philadelphia, eating all the BLTs & diverse reads

  1. I love the idea of deliberately diversifying your reading list. I’m sick of the obnoxious leader reading lists people hand out at work that are top to bottom the works of old white men. I need to try reading The Girl Who Smiled Beads. My uncle was a news producer before he passed away, and he spent a lot of time there covering not just the violence, but the people and the culture, and I’ve been meaning to learn more about it.

    1. I knew the basics of what happened in Rwanda, but the book really filled in the human details for me. There’s also a lot of anger still there for the author, which is totally justified and more than acceptable and I found her openness and honesty about it all to be really amazing. It’s also really relevant given the current refugee crisis.

  2. There is a huge farm and orchard in Markham – pick your own or buy from farm stand – if you are ever passing thru. Rhiannon and Ben are going today for peaches and tomatoes. I asked her last night if it was fried green tomatoes time, and yes, it is!!!

    1. Oh, also, you can often find really good deals on Merrell shoes at Sierra Trading Post, including discontinued styles. I’ve got Merrell clogs, sandals, and sheepskin winter boots. They are so supportive and comfortable – love them.

  3. Aww, thanks for the shout-out! I’m glad I’ve been helpful in diversifying your reading list. 🙂 I do really well with reading women, but I have to make a conscious effort to read more diversely because it’s so easy to get caught up in just reading white women! Definitely something I’m always keeping in mind when I’m looking for what to read next.

    1. You definitely helped me realize my reading selections were a little lacking in the diversity department, for sure, and I really appreciate you helping me come to that realization! It is very easy to get caught up just reading white women, for sure.

  4. Those sandals are pretty cute (although the link seems to be wrong).

    I’ve been using MyFitnessPal in connjunction with Garmin for the same reason… not really to count calories, but to make sure that I am overall doing a decent job with my nutrition.

    Gimme all the tomatoes!

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