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Friday Favorites: The Ocean, a purge & my peanut butter cup obsession

I still feel like I’m recovering from one of the busiest months at work ever, and I’m definitely still playing catch-up. I managed to extend the long Memorial Day weekend by a few days and got a lot done, like attack my yard with various instruments of destruction, watch a bunch of TV and start a vigorous spring purge. Here’s a few of my favorites from the past week or so.


Of course my trip to the Outer Banks was a highlight. I love it down there so, so much and now I’m thinking I need to get myself down there more often, maybe once a year or so. It’s easy and inexpensive, the drive is short, the beach lovely and it’s even easy to take the dogs along with me.


My lady friends were talking about this show and described it as a younger version of “Younger.” And it is. That’s really the best way to describe it. There’s no tricky age thing going on, but the world they live in is pretty similar and it’s filled with badass, bossy ladies. Set in New York, it’s the story of three 20-somethings trying to find their place in the world, both at work and in their personal lives. It’s smart and funny, tackles some serious and difficult issues and is absolutely delightful.

3. YOGA.

I managed to stay mostly on top of my workout schedule during the mayhem at work, but I ended up missing yoga for a few weeks in a row. I only just came back to it earlier this year and I only go once a week, but I really missed it. I finally made it back to class this week, and it was great. I love the class and the people in it who always tell me about the latest Richmond news, especially the latest places to get a good beer or a great snack.

(Locals: I go to True North Yoga & Wellness on Richmond’s Northside and I love it – it’s a legit community that’s safe and supportive of yogis at all different levels.)


Selling my treadmill has been on my list of shit to do for ACTUAL MONTHS. In fact, it’s a thing I’ve thought about doing since before I deployed in 2016. I finally got my shit together over the weekend and listed the damn thing on Facebook Marketplace and the next day, it was gone. Then I went on a rampage and I’ve been selling all sorts of shit on Facebook. It’s so easy and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. The best part is that I don’t have to do any of the work – I just post a picture, someone else shows up at my house, gives me money and then hauls away the shit I don’t want. It is great!


If I could only have one candy for the rest of my life it would peanut butter cups and while I’m totally friends with Reese’s and their PB cups, the mini cups from Trader Joe’s are the best in the world. Sure, I haven’t tried all the PB cups in the world, but these are made from dark chocolate and the voodoo Trader Joe’s puts in all their most delicious foodstuffs so I know I’m not wrong.


  • Kristin

    Wow! Sounds like I definitely need to try Facebook marketplace. We’re moving back into our master today now that the floors and trim are in and I know there’s A LOT of stuff that’s not moving back in there with us. Having someone show up to pay me to take it away sounds perfect! Oh, and I’m definitely with you on the PB cups. So. Addicted.

    • terrabear

      So far, I’ve made more than $125 and now I’m looking around trying to figure out what else I can sell. It’s especially great for bigger items – like my treadmill, an old coffee table – that are a pain to move. Getting someone else to do the lifting has been a good motivator for me.

  • San

    Mmh. I hadn’t considered selling stuff on Facebook, but it might be worth looking into!

    Also yay for going back to Yoga. (It’s on my forever-list!)

    • terrabear

      Selling stuff on Facebook is the easy button for sure – I just take pictures with my phone, post them right from the app and then wait for people to send me a message about it. It’s especially great for furniture.

  • Stephany

    I’ve never sold anything on Facebook marketplace, but I have sold a few pieces of furniture on Craigslist and I’ve been astounded by how fast things have sold! Usually within a few hours, I have someone ready to pick it up! It’s amazing. I want to sell my sectional soon (and replace it with a smaller couch – the sectional is just too big for my tiny apartment, ha), so maybe I’ll use both Craigslist and FB marketplace and see which one wins. 😉

    • terrabear

      Oh! I love the idea of pitting the two against one another and seeing who wins! I mostly just used FB because it was easy – I just took a picture with my phone and uploaded it to FB without having to do any actual work. It’s the easiest of the easy, I think!

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