Five Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites v. 1 ||

I had a library card as a kid and, being mega, super poor, that was how I got my read on. This year I decided I needed to be a better adult and manage my money in a more responsible way and, as part of that effort, I got myself a library card.

I’m sure this is old news to many of you, BUT THEY LET YOU BORROW WHOLE PILES OF BOOKS FOR ZERO DOLLARS AND IT IS WONDERFUL AND DELIGHTFUL AND I AM ADDICTED. I’ve been putting books on hold like a fiend and every time I get the email notifying me my book is ready for pick-up I’m like a giddy kid on Christmas morning.

I’ve already read almost 20 books this year and I think most of the credit goes to the library’s constant supply of glorious and beautiful books straight into my greedy little paws.

Friday Favorites v. 1 ||


I spent the weekend eating, drinking and merry-making with lady friends who traveled from D.C., L.A. and Philly to spend the weekend in Richmond and it was fantastic. We’ve booked a house in Palm Springs in the late fall and I already have an adventure to Crater Lake National Park with my best bitch at the end of summer and I am beyond excited for what’s shaping up to be an A++ year of adventures with my best lady friends.

Friday Favorites ||


My favorite place to get nachos in Richmond closed down and rebranded last year and I have been heartbroken and cranky ever since. With the ladies coming to town and a lack of good nacho options in the city, we decided to make our damn nachos.

I bought a pork butt, threw it in the crock pot with some beer and spices and nine hours later we had a pile of delicious pulled pork. We layered it on top of a sheet pan full of chips and nacho toppings and together we made nacho magic.


I’m really, really excited about the prospect of warmer weather. Yesterday is was 82°F and breezy and I spent the evening at a brewery with my cousin and her family. Being outside in enjoyable weather was excellent. But, the weather this year has been batshit. I’m trying to enjoy the handful of warm days we’re having and hope that maybe, hopefully, it’s actually spring. Or maybe it’ll snow again and crush the gentle spirit of the cherry blossoms blooming in my front yard.

Friday Favorites ||


At the brewery last night there were a lot of dogs. I love dogs. I have two. One white, one black. They’re not a certain breed of dog, but I generally refer to them as cheap knock-off wolves or husky mutts because that’s the best description I’ve been able to find for them. There were a lot of people with very pretty pure-bred pups, but y’all, the shelters are full of incredible and beautiful creatures with unlimited amounts of personality who are just waiting to save your life.





10 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites

  1. I JUST RE-DISCOVERED THE LIBRARY TOO! What is this wizardry, and how have I been spending so much money on books the past 20 years?

  2. Nachos are life. Especially lately. Also, I love the idea of “knock-off” dogs. We’ve been talking about getting a dog forever, and as soon as our little man is old enough, we can get him a playmate to romp around with!

    1. I haven’t done this yet, and am currently on a big real book kick, but for travel, I think I’ll definitely been getting more ebooks from the library instead of buying them.

  3. Yes, yes, yes to the library! There’s nothing better than receiving the email that one of the books I put on hold is ready to be picked up!

    1. I went the other day and picked up three books, came home & then the next morning they alerted me that I have TWO books ready for pick-up and now I’m in book heaven.

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