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5 Friday Favorites: The Den of Fur, Solo Adventures & a Return


I live in a den of fur. There’s my hair, the cat hair and then the piles of fluff expressed by the two husky mutts and so really, there’s never not fur on my floors, on my shirt or in my food. And now that it’s spring, it’s gotten worse.

It is a constant and real struggle. The vacuum does good work on the rugs, but this house is mostly hardwoods, so I bought this FURemover Broom and it is so good. It doesn’t get all full of static and fling dog fur around like a regular broom, but it does actually collect the fur piles and all the little stray pieces of fur that these beasts leave around the house.


I’ve already talked about my favorite podcasts, but I’m pretty much always on the search for new podcast goodness, despite the stack of podcasts that live in my iPhone, just waiting for me to listen to them. Finding Cleo was my latest binge and once I started listening I listened to nothing else until I’d listened to all 10 episodes.

Cleo was a young Cree girl who was adopted out of her native Canada into an American family more than 40 years ago. Her family tried to find her and could only uncover a story about a rape and murder that ended with Cleo’s body abandoned on a roadside somewhere in the United States. Connie Walker, a reporter from CBC, tells the story of Cleo and her family and then joins the search to find the answers of what really happened to Cleo and where she actually ended up.


I’ve done a lot of things alone. I’ve traveled and lived alone, I’ve gone to the movies, to dinner, to the bar, to the park, to food festivals, to most places. But up until recently, I’d never attended a concert alone. When I saw The National, one of my favorite bands, was playing in the nearby city of Charlottesville, I quickly scooped up tickets and then I went to the show, all by myself. I felt conspicuous at first, but then I stopped caring and ended the night tired and pleased with myself for conquering one more frontier of solo-adventuring.


I hurt myself way back in January, just after I ran the Frostbite 15k. I’ve been mostly off running since, trying to log a few miles intermittently between long periods of hopeful and ultimately useless rest. Three weeks ago, I finally went to my chiropractor who fixed me the last time I hurt myself running, and while I’m still not logging a lot of miles, I am running regularly and have been given the go-ahead to continue increasing my mileage.

5. THEN SHE WAS GONE by Lisa Jewell

I really love a good triller and I’ve read a few that were recommended and well-loved but that just didn’t do it for me. It was always something, like terrible characters, or a cast too big and complicated to connect with, or a storyline too twisty to follow or too lame to care about. And then I read Then She Was Gone and I stopped being so cranky and pissed about the shit thrillers I’ve read this year. It tells the story of a teenaged daughter who disappeared suddenly and without a trace and the aftermath of her disappearance. It largely focuses on the girl’s mother, on her grief and recovery. It’s creepy and delightful without being too graphically violent.

What’s been the best part of your week? Any favorites? 


  • Kristin

    Love all the solo adventures! I love traveling with my husband, my sister, and friends, but I’ve also really enjoyed the work trips where I’ve had a significant amount of time to explore and adventure on my own. There’s something so beautifully self-indulgent about being able to soak in the moment for yourself and not worry about whether or not the others with you are enjoying themselves, too. And being able to just do whatever you want with the day.

  • Anita

    I love solo adventures and I don’t do them enough. I didn’t realize this until I spontaneously went to a museum solo recently. I should do it more often with concerts. Sometimes it’s a hassle trying to find someone else who is a fan or I feel bad dragging BF along.

    I’m going to check out that book! I’ve been wanting to try books I wouldn’t normally pick out and it sounds like something I might like.

  • suki

    Haha, fur struggle and hair struggle is real over here.

    I go in and out of phases of emptying and filling up my calendar, and this past week I’ve been feeling more open to being around others. Did some indoor mini golf and catching up with a friend on Friday and wine tasting with a new group of ladies today.

  • Kate BK

    “Then She Was Gone” is on my to-read list, & I was so bummed I couldn’t get it on Overdrive before heading to Costa Rica. With this rec, I mayyy have to bite the bullet & just buy it – & that broom, too.

  • Stephany

    You give me so much inspiration to take more solo adventures! I’m so much more apt to just stay home and read when I don’t have anybody to go on adventures with, but I need to start carving out time to do stuff on my own, if only because I know it would be good for me!

    • terrabear

      Girl, yes! Start small and go to a movie alone, or take yourself to dinner or just go someplace public and just explore the area and it’s so nice. As a fellow introvert, I promise you don’t need anyone to explore with and once you get over the initial anxiety of actually *doing* it, it’s so, so nice.

  • San

    I’ve come to LOVE doing stuff alone… it’s like I don’t have to be considerate of anyone else’s needs or wants and can just do ‘my thing’… 🙂 Part of me regrets that I never had the chance to live alone… I think I would have enjoyed it.
    … and I love running, as you know. I hope you’ll be back to full capacity soon.

    • terrabear

      Same! I feel like it almost sounds selfish, but being alone and not having to care about anyone else when I travel alone is so, so good. I love it. It was scary in the beginning, but damn if I don’t love it now. And living alone is pretty great!

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