Five Friday Favorites: The Bear, My Cold Cure & Some Other Stuff

5 Friday Favorites ||

Y’all, I’m obsessed. At Glacier National Park there is a bear. A black bear who lives in a cottonwood tree. This bear was first observed on March 23rd as it slowly woke up from the deep slumber of hibernation. Knowing that sometimes a bear hibernates in this tree, the incredible folks at Glacier set up a webcam in advance of bear-waking-up season and so now you can watch this bear participate in bear shenanigans 24/7.

For a good part of the day, the bear lazes about, sometimes out of sight inside the den. It hasn’t left the cottonwood tree yet, but it does frequently frolic among the branches of the tree, sometimes even getting in fights with sticks. The bear has also been spotted making worried faces at a visiting bird, licking snow off the edges of their den, yawning, stretching, making den renovations, staring down at the ground which is very far away, and also just being a bear and doing bear things.

I’ve seen a few bears in the wild, in both Alaska and Virginia, and I’ve seen bears in the zoo, but this is a totally different sort of thing. It is a for-real wild bear living its best bear life doing bear things and it’s maybe the best thing the internet has ever given me.

2. ZINC.

I acquired a cold over the weekend and spent Sunday and Monday on the couch in full recovery mode. It was the first cold I’ve had in a really long time – months, for sure, maybe even more than year. The cold was over pretty quickly and it never reached the most awful level, and I’m going to go ahead and give the credit to the Zicam Fruit Drops I popped at the onset. I take them whenever I travel and whenever I start to feel a tickle in my throat or a sniffle in my nose and I swear they’re a big part of why I’ve been so healthy this winter.

5 Friday Favorites || terragoes.com3. GLOW.

I know I’m late to the party on this, like always, but I watched every single episode of GLOW – which stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling – while I was sick, and, you guys, IT’S SO GOOD. I’m just sad I now have to wait for the next season because I NEED IT.

5 Friday Favorites || terragoes.com4. DOG WALKS.

One of the things I wanted to be better about this year was taking my fake wolves for walks, and with spring weather here for a few days, me and the pups have taken some delightful walks this week. I think we made it out three times, each time walking for a few miles. They love it, I get my steps in and being out in the sun was a welcome change after feeling so shitty over the weekend.


I was definitely sick on Saturday, but Shenandoah National Park was OPEN, and after complaining about my foiled adventure out there back in February, I was not about to let a fucking cold keep me from my waterfall explorations.

5 Friday Favorites ||

And it was great. I’ll be telling the story of that hike soon, but mostly I’m just glad I live within easy driving distance of a beautiful national park and that I wasn’t so miserably sick that I couldn’t hike 5.5 miles. Plus, I slept like a champion that night, for almost 11 hours.

What’s been the best part of your week? Any favorites? 

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  1. I LOOVED the bear! He was on the news the other day, lots of blinking, feet going everywhere as he tried to sit up and just gave up. Told my husband the bear reminded me of him after a long night out.

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