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Five Friday Favorites: Trivia, Snacks & the Last Great Race

Mercury is in retrograde and I’m about to turn 35. Here’s a few of my favorite things.


To be a total hipster dick about it, I’ve been following the Iditarod every March for the past 20 or so years. It’s a pre-birthday tradition of mine, to watch this 1,000-mile dog sled race unfold via the internets. I love it and it’s the only sport I can talk somewhat intelligently about.

This year it seems like more people than ever are following the race, thanks in part to Blair Braverman‘s storytelling and the #uglydogs community that’s rooting for her as she runs her very first Iditarod.

As a longtime fan of the race, I’m delighted with the coverage and the attention this incredible race is getting. There’s this (absolutely stunning) piece that Blair wrote for Vogue. There’s a podcast. There’s this piece from the Today Show, great reporting from the Anchorage Daily News as well as updates from the teams behind a few of the mushers, including fan favorite Aliy Zirkle, one of 17 women racing this year.

And yes, it is on my bucket list to be there for the start of the race. Someday.


Last year, I decided I wanted to be a person who plays trivia regularly and, through willful sassing and the attainment of a whole new pack of friends, I now play trivia almost every Thursday night at one of my favorite Richmond breweries, Väsen. It’s hosted by Geeks Who Drink, which puts on events at bars and breweries across the country, and we’re even kind of good at it. Last night we won first place and we’re almost always in the top five, out of 18-24 teams.


I am not talking about bullshit parmesan sprinkled from a can (the horror!). I am talking about thin slices of sharp cheddar thrown on top of a bowl of stove-popped popcorn. It’s my go-to snack and sometimes it’s even my dinner because popcorn + cheese = delicious, heavenly perfection.


I didn’t know a lot about the whole Theranos debacle, just the basics. There was a thing, one drop of blood, change the world, blah, blah, blah, but then it wasn’t real, all a sham, etc. So then I read Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou and let me tell you friends, that shit is insane. Now, I’m listening to The Dropout, a podcast about the whole mess while quietly snickering about Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos founder, and her dog Balto, who she says is a wolf.


My gym is right next to my preferred grocery store, which opens at 6 a.m. Instead of trying to fit in my grocery runs around a sometimes hectic work schedule that often has me working weekends, I’ve started doing my grocery shopping right after my workouts, just after the store has opened and it’s GLORIOUS. The only traffic in the aisles is workers restocking the shelves, it’s quiet, without the screams of children or the bellows of college students calling to one another from across the store. Better yet, it allows me to cross two things off my to-do list, all before 7 a.m. and that right there is the stuff of dreams.

BONUS: I also managed to get all three of my pets into a snuggle pile around me on Sunday and it was the coziest, most joyous snuggle of my life.


  • Anita

    So much yes! We’ve done early morning grocery shopping a few times and every time I ask why we don’t do this every week. I love trivia and I feel like it’s an unfulfilled area of my life! I’ve been to Geeks Who Drink once and it was a lot of fun. IDITAROD! It would be INCREDIBLE to go see it! I saw that The Great Alone is on Netflix and I think that will be my next watch to inspire me.

    • Terra

      The Great Alone is pretty great – that musher has been through a lot and is back this year at the race just taking it easy, talking to fans and other mushers along the way and it seems like he’s really enjoying himself, which is great to see. I’m so obsessed. I’ll be there someday, dammit.

  • Kate

    I have never done early a.m. grocery shopping, mostly because I am never awake in the early a.m., but the converse – late pm. grocery shopping – is one of my faves. When I lived next door to a grocery store in D.C., I’d do my shopping at, like, 9pm on a Friday night & it was THE BEST.

    Also, HOW GOOD & HOW CRAZY is “Bad Blood” & that whole story?! Like, DAMN. Still not over it.

    • Terra

      I have definitely done a few 8-9pm grocery runs on a Friday or Saturday night and it’s so nice. It’s before the drunk people come in looking for snacks and after reasonable people have done their shopping and it’s perfect. Mostly, I hate crowded stores so I’ll go anytime the people are NOT there.

      And Bad Blood. GOD LORD is that shit crazy.

  • Stephany

    Oh YESSSSS to early morning grocery shopping. I love it so much. Grocery shopping can be very overwhelming for me – especially so when I’m trying to maneuver a cart around crowded aisles – so I love the calm of doing it early in the morning. Plus, my energy is pretty high at that time of the day so I feel like I can make good decisions, not just pick anything off the shelf to get out of there as fast as possible.

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