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    Five Friday Favorites: Beer Stuff, Face Stuff & Other Stuff

    This week, y’all. It has not been kind. Here’s a few things that have made this miserable week survivable: TABOL BREWING. Earlier this year, a brewery opened less than a mile from my house and I was instantly enamored. It’s my new favorite place and I’m there almost every weekend, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends, but always with a book. Their beer is funky and wild, and their small batch offerings are ever-changing.

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    2019 Reading Report: The 1st 15 Books, My Reading Rampage & the Best Book

    Every year I line up a big stack of really incredible, much-anticipated books to read while winter slumps into spring. Then, I go on a book-reading bender. I stay up past my bedtime, I walk around the house clutching an open book, reading it as I put dishes into the dishwasher, sass the cat or just walk from one part of the house to another. I carry a book with me everywhere, reading for two minutes before my yoga class, reading while my computer restarts, reading, reading, reading. Then, I stumble upon The Best Book, the one I’ll spend the whole rest of the year thinking about, the one that…

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    That time I ran the Shamrock Half Marathon, Cried & Set a PR

    I spent the last four minutes of the Shamrock Half Marathon telling myself not to cry. I’d done the math. I knew I’d made it, knew I was about to set a new personal record and so, when we turned right at the Atlantic Ocean, hit the boardwalk and pushed toward the finish line, my chest tightened, my eyes watered and I felt a lot of things. “Not yet,” I said to my tears. “Breathe first, run fast, cry later.”

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    Today, I am 35. I feel simultaneously very old and very young, which, depending on who you ask, is exactly right. I feel grown up, but not all grown up. I feel like I’ve done a lot, but I know there’s still a lot left to do.

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    Five Friday Favorites: Trivia, Snacks & the Last Great Race

    Mercury is in retrograde and I’m about to turn 35. Here’s a few of my favorite things. THE IDITAROD To be a total hipster dick about it, I’ve been following the Iditarod every March for the past 20 or so years. It’s a pre-birthday tradition of mine, to watch this 1,000-mile dog sled race unfold via the internets. I love it and it’s the only sport I can talk somewhat intelligently about.