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    What I Read: The Best Books of 2018’s 1st Quarter

    Last year I didn’t read a lot, or at least not as much as I wanted to. I finished 32 books, out of my original goal of 50. But then, this year, I joined the local library and have been on a rampage ever since. With the first quarter of 2018 past us, I’ve already read 20 books, some great, many good and some almost awful. THE POWER by Naomi Alderman – ★★★★★

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    7 of My Favorite Historical Fiction Books

    I think one of the reasons I like historical fiction so much is that it takes me to a specific time and place – usually, one I am vaguely or reasonably familiar with – and makes it more real. Yes, it’s fiction, so it’s not really real, but it gives me characters and locations and tiny details that are hard to grasp or connect with, especially when talking about something as vast and complicated as war or murder.