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    Walking to Canada, Niagara Falls & Riding the Maid of the Mist

    “Hello, I’m here to see the big waterfall,” is the thing I wanted to say to the customs agent after walking from America to Canada via the Rainbow International Bridge over the Niagara River. But, in the moment, I was stunned by the attractiveness of the Canadian border agent and how friendly he seemed as he reached out his paw to take my passport. “Why are you entering Canada?” he asked, with deliberate eye contact. 

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    Teddy Roosevelt’s Birthplace, a National Historic Site

    Our 26th president, one Theodore Roosevelt, was a legit badass. He was just 42 when he took office, following the assassination of President McKinley, which makes him the youngest president we’ve ever had. After his death, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions as commander of the Rough Riders at the Battle of San Juan Hill. His face is carved into Mount Rushmore next to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. He was deeply interested in conservation and established the United States Forest Service and the Wildlife Refuge system and created five national parks, 18 national monuments, 51 bird reserves, four game preserves, 150 national forests and…

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    Queens, NY: Where the Tacos Live

    If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be tacos. I wouldn’t even hesitate. There are a lot of foods I love, like cheese, especially cheese, but there is no one food thing I love more. When I read this Buzzfeed article about tacos in the Queens, New York-neighborhood of Jackson Heights, it seemed like a legitimate adventure and, finding myself in Queens one Sunday, I figured, what the hell. Let’s get some damn tacos. The article lists six taco spots and we managed to hit four over the course of a few hours and still, if I hadn’t wanted a nap, I…