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    Antietam National Battlefield & the Bloodiest Day in American History

    On the way there, I thought about blood. Blood and how I really should have refreshed my Civil War memory bank before embarking on a long weekend of Civil War battlefield immersion. Blood though, was the thing I remembered about Antietam. It’s what stuck out in my mind, the tiny piece of information I picked up some time in high school and managed to hold onto until now. I couldn’t remember the exact date, couldn’t remember which generals led the Union or Confederate troops, wasn’t even 100 percent sure which year the battle took place, but Antietam, my memory told me, was bloody. The Battle of Antietam was so bloody,…

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    Maryland,  National Parks,  U.S.A.

    Saying Goodbye to America at Fort McHenry National Monument

    It took me a week to get to Kuwait when I deployed last year. That’s not normal. That’s not how it’s supposed to work, but for 1o of us, that’s exactly how it did work. We ended up stranded in Baltimore and then Germany and then Qatar before finally making it to our final destination. At the start of this mayhem, we found ourselves with two extra days in Baltimore. So, we adventured, because what the fuck else are you supposed to do when you get two bonus days in America before a deployment? We rented a car and drove to Baltimore proper. There, we ate all the things, including tacos…