Five Friday Favorites: The Bear, My Cold Cure & Some Other Stuff


Y’all, I’m obsessed. At Glacier National Park there is a bear. A black bear who lives in a cottonwood tree. This bear was first observed on March 23rd as it slowly woke up from the deep slumber of hibernation. Knowing that sometimes a bear hibernates in this tree, the incredible folks at Glacier set up a webcam in advance of bear-waking-up season and so now you can watch this bear participate in bear shenanigans 24/7.

What I Read: The Best Books of 2018’s 1st Quarter

Last year I didn’t read a lot, or at least not as much as I wanted to. I finished 32 books, out of my original goal of 50. But then, this year, I joined the local library and have been on a rampage ever since. With the first quarter of 2018 past us, I’ve already read 20 books, some great, many good and some almost awful.

Five Friday Favorites


I had a library card as a kid and, being mega, super poor, that was how I got my read on. This year I decided I needed to be a better adult and manage my money in a more responsible way and, as part of that effort, I got myself a library card.

I’m sure this is old news to many of you, BUT THEY LET YOU BORROW WHOLE PILES OF BOOKS FOR ZERO DOLLARS AND IT IS WONDERFUL AND DELIGHTFUL AND I AM ADDICTED. I’ve been putting books on hold like a fiend and every time I get the email notifying me my book is ready for pick-up I’m like a giddy kid on Christmas morning.

Foiled Attempts at Adventure, Doing Dumb Things & Some Learning

I had really good intentions. In my planner for that day I wrote, in all caps, “GO OUTSIDE, DUMMY,” and I woke up early with every intention of doing just that. I fed the dogs, put on my hiking boots and headed west, aiming myself toward Shenandoah National Park.

The park is only about an hour and half west of Richmond and the drive there was foggy, but easy. I filled it with my favorite songs and an occasional podcast. I was excited, vibrating with that familiar National Park-related joy I’ve come to know so well.

My 34th Birthday, 4 Things I’ve Learned & the Grand Canyon

On my 30th birthday I went alone to a nearby state park and wandered into the woods.

It was a strange time. I’d been back from an eye-opening and heart-filling cross country road trip with one of my best friends for a few weeks and, almost as soon I’d returned from that adventure, my husband confessed his infidelity and told me of his plans to marry his mistress.

7 of My Favorite Historical Fiction Books

I think one of the reasons I like historical fiction so much is that it takes me to a specific time and place – usually, one I am vaguely or reasonably familiar with – and makes it more real. Yes, it’s fiction, so it’s not really real, but it gives me characters and locations and tiny details that are hard to grasp or connect with, especially when talking about something as vast and complicated as war or murder.

A Waterfall, the Great Smoky Mountains & How We Said Goodbye to Us

We broke up six months ago, but there we were, driving south from Richmond to Gatlinburg, Tennesse, toward the Great Smoky Mountains. It was an unintentional farewell tour, a trip hatched months ago, planned and booked right before things broke again and executed defiantly and stubbornly because that’s who we are, defiant and stubborn humans with an excessive amount of love for one another and hopelessly divergent viewpoints.

What I’ve Learned By Living Alone

I was 19, maybe 20, the first time I considered living alone. It was right after I joined the Army, during basic training when I was living in a bay with 49 other women, doing what the Army told me to do all day, every day. I was somewhere in the middle of those nine weeks, somewhere past the initial misery and not quite to the point where I’d knew I’d make it to the end.

Things I Would like to Do in 2018

I’m not much for resolutions. I figure if you want to make a change, do it, don’t wait for the momentum to pass just because the calendar isn’t where you’d like it to be. When it comes to self-improvement it’s always seemed silly to wait for Monday when you can just as easily start a new fitness routine or savings plan on a Thursday.